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WordPress 5 Page Website January 2018 Special Price 1,500.00

With competition on the internet at an all-time high and new small business trying their best to compete, Digi Dezine is offering a special price for a premium WordPress 5 page website. We believe everyone deserves a place in the internet marketing world with a professional website design. We are often asked to overhaul a WIX Website (do it yourself website) due to the fact that the client is getting nothing from their website. As a professional design firm, we try to educate clients about internet marketing.

Competition is very powerful and competing on the internet with a do it yourself website and expecting to compete with competition that has sent thousands of dollars on their company site along with Google PPC campaigns is just not going to happen.

Internet Most Powerful Form Of Advertising

The internet is the fastest and most powerful form of advertising your company can utilize, but it will not happen with a Do It Yourself website you paid 150.00 for and do not understand how to engage a user visiting your site. That, of course, is if they ever find your site. SEO is not something you will just figure out in a few months of study. We have sent years keeping with the latest trends and techniques in SEO.

Please do your yourself and your business justice and have a professional design your website and set up all the necessary SEO factors along with a quality Google Plus and Google maps page.

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