Building My Own WordPress Website

Is Building Your Own WordPress Website Difficult

With so many website platforms on the market today a build my own website is becoming to sound like “website design is easy”. As a person who started as a build your own website in the year 2000 I can tell you that it is time consuming and tedious. Setting that all aside, creating a website that generates income is difficult for professionals that are highly experienced.

Most professional web design companies use WordPress and Magneto based on preference and need. In the web design wold WordPress rules. Many of the companies that sell themes advertise the ease of building a website. The typical scenario after a newbie buys a WordPress theme, they may choose to buy the installation. The other option companies offer is a phrase that states “make my website look like the theme”.

Unfortunately if you do not want to be bothered to learn how to install WordPress on the server of you’re hosting company, stop there and forget the wasted time and frustration of trying to build your website. Learning how to install the theme and knowing where to find files will be a must for troubleshooting issues that will arise. The biggest complaints seen on a support forum for premium WordPress themes is: “I paid to have my site look like the theme, but I don’t know how to edit it”. Maintaining a website takes some skill and troubleshooting issues can be draining and frustrating.

Unless a person taking on the challenge of attempting to build a business website and is willing to educate themselves on an intense learning process they risk the creating an “unsuccessful website”. If the website does not generate business will most likely drain company funds while attempting to learn the process. The lack of design and SEO knowledge can paralyze a startup thinking their website that cannot be found which is the major marketing tool is not working.

Many end up hiring a web design firm after much frustration and lost as to how to make the website work. For designers like myself a complete new design is usually necessary as opposed to trying to re-create what is a train wreck.

If your site is personal and it is just to share a portfolio and only those you want to find the site by giving the web address, then try something simple without hiring a web designer.

Date April 4, 2017
Time 5:56pm

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