WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Updates Maintenance Theme and Plugin Updates

When your website is designed, all is in place and the site looks good there is always more to do to keep your website up to par with your competitors and up to date with the search engines. WordPress websites require regular maintenance updating the theme, plugins and keeping everything optimized for the search engines. Never use cheap hosting with WordPress or you may run into database errors and speed issues along with uploading problems.

Update WordPress Theme and Plugins

Always make sure plugins are up to date as soon as updates are available. Out of date plugins are one of the biggest reasons websites get hacked.

Now we come to updating content to improve page rank and add information value to your website. Add blog posts with valuable content to make your website a great source of information in your particular industry. Give users a reason to click on your website by having several pages of content with information a user is searching for. Add a new featured image to each new blog post that is tagged properly with information related to the post. Video is also a great addition to a blog post. Keep your images optimized for speed by reducing file size while keeping the look of the image quality. Every image added should be fully optimized along with proper Titles, descriptions, alt tags, keywords and image dimensions. Google crawlers will pick up the content written for the image. All in One SEO plugin has the place for inputting all of this information.

If your site looks like it was built by a non professional it will most likely not yield results or be search engine optimized due to lack of experience. Each industry will have quality websites designed by a professional which will stand out among the competition. Some companies actually hurt their online presence by publishing a non professional looking poorly optimized website. Your online presence to a new visitor is the first impression a website visitor will think of your company.

Date May 22, 2017
Time 2:38pm

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