Value Of Professional Web Design

The Value Of A Professional Company Website

The value of a professional website design is how your company is perceived at a first look. The first impression a new user clicking on your website link via Google other search engines or social media can make the difference of holding the user on your site or them clicking off and on to your competitor.

Some of the basics for professional web design is to tell the user what you do at first glance. Making it easy to understand what your company does and being relevant to the keyword or keyword phrase the user conducted a search for is created through proper design and on-site SEO. Both desktop and mobile websites should be of high functional quality including a fast loading website. No one wants to wait around for a website to load. Competition is stiff in today’s market and staying ahead of your competition is a never-ending project, just as the quality of your companies product or service is key in building the foundation of your reputation and 5-star reviews. People first want to see that what you do is what they are seeking. If that is in place, companies live and die by reviews. Not just a few reviews from your friends. People have become much more educated in the digital world and can read through real reviews and what I call fake reviews.

Mission Statement

Mission statements and creating a digital visual of high interest in your company through your web design, informative content, images, and most powerful video. Every website should have at least one video displaying your product or service in a high-quality professional video presentation. Much can be accomplished with a phone camera if your budget does not allow for hiring a professional video creation company. At Digi Dezine we can create a visual for your user through creative video editing. We also can create affordable explainer videos that can entertain a user while explaining what it is your company does.

Website Color Combinations

Proper color combinations throughout the entire website without using too many colors that tend to look unprofessional and tasteless. Subtle and minimal color combinations create an easy on the eye and pleasant experience while navigating your website. This can take some time testing the colors with the product or service being presented. A creative and artistic web designer can accomplish this through talent, knowledge and time tested marketing techniques.

Dump DIY Platforms

Dump the DIY website platforms. They are inexpensive and geared toward the uneducated consumer wanting a cheap in cost website. I have yet to see a self-designed website from a DIY web building platform that is successful. Many find that once they sign up and start attempting to design their own website that it turns into a frustrating nightmare and time wasting effort that only distracts them from working and growing their own company business. DIY websites also have several additional charges such as SEO which can be costly per month due to the fact that the sites are not SEO friendly.
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