Digital Marketing For 2020

Don’t Forget The Real Value In Your Marketing Campaign

Today open up Facebook or several Social Media platforms and you will see your wall spammed with lead generation companies preying on small businesses paranoia with mediocre budgets and no knowledge of how to market their business.

Be Exceptional At What Your company Offers

One major factor these companies never touch upon is the first and foremost key ingredient to be successful which is being exceptional in your field, providing great service and obtaining referrals from clients due to the great service or product being provided. Many of these lead generation companies market to gyms, doctors, chiropractors, and various service industries.

Are You Setting Yourself Apart From Competition

As a digital marketing agency, one of the first questions asked of a client or potential client is: What sets you apart from your competition. Most do not have an answer nor have they focused on reviews, referrals or even have a professional website. It is absurd to think that in a digital world the best you can come up with for a web page is a funnel type of website page.

There are certain realities to being in business for yourself and to think a business is going to compete with hundreds of competitors in the same field with a mentality of “we love what we do and are very good at it” is enough to persuade potential buyers to sign up is death to a new business.

Examples Of Two Competitors In Same Industry

Here is a good example: Two personal trainers are discussing the benefits of training with one or the other. One has a killer website with loads of quality content (information), great reviews from Google and enough content to answer most of any questions the potential buyer may have, the other hands them a business card with a FACEBOOK PAGE as their website or a funnel type page which is nothing but a long ad that looks like every other funnel page.

Marketing With A Professional Website

The potential client has an opportunity to read everything about the business with the website that displays a professional online extensive background of the trainer and the ability to present the business that they are passionate and serious about. This gives the potential client time to do their own research and contact via email any questions or ability to fill out an information form.

Minimal To No Quality Inquiries From Social Media

The other with Insta and Facebook only has the same platform everyone has that is not a company website. Most likely the potential client will not DM the social media only business. We all see it all day long on Facebook and Instagram when someone is selling diets, personal training as a sideline or some pyramid selling meals, etc. The DM me for questions obtains about nothing or inquiries from social media trolls with nothing better to do.

Do Not Waste Time Starting A Business Unless 110% Committed

Everyone wants to start a side business today sitting at home thinking I can advertise free on social media and pick up some extra money. Sorry, it is just not happening in this ultra-competitive market. People are much more educated today and not willing to believe everything they read on social media.

A Day Without A Professional Website Is Another Day Lost To Competition

Be serious about the business you are in or don’t waste your time. Every day without a professional website is another day of lost business to a competitor.

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