Is Your Companies Website Getting Traffic

Many small companies cannot afford the cost of a site designed by the larger firms. Unfortunately after they obtain a quote from some of these companies and have sticker shock, they do not pursue getting a company website. Or they try to do it themselves with little to no success and are left with frustration as to how to market their business that most probably has great potential, but no one knows about it.

We are in the most competitive business market today and getting more competitive all the time.  With 2017 here we all have to evaluate and assess what our next move is. If we are not constantly evaluating and changing to adapt, we are falling behind our competition.

I am still baffled in this day and age that some companies do not have a company website. Wether its fear of not understanding internet marketing or thinking your Twitter or Facebook social media page is enough internet presence.

First companies need to understand that social media is a platform to generate traffic to your company website which you have 100% control over. Social media pages are not websites!


Creating a website that will actually be able to generate traffic and present your company brand and image is not something a non professional can do. Well, a non professional could do it, but by the time they spent the thousands of hours learning and becoming skilled enough to create an online marketing campaign, they will be a professional. Most cannot do it or have the time and patience to learn the skill and still maintain their business.


I still see websites that were probably designed no longer than 5 years ago that are already dated in cosmetics and technology. The site that was built several years ago is not keeping in tune with the latest in Retina ready images, user friendly design, cosmetic appearance that will par with your competitor and much more. Make no mistake the leaders in a specific industry are not looking at their outdated site and saying it still looks good. If you are one of those people you better go back and re-evaluate your competitions web presence. It does not take much time to fall behind and internet marketing is not somewhere any company wants to fall behind.


There is no better investment in a companies marketing campaign than the online marketing including a killer web design and SEO optimized website that is mobile friendly and displays and functions on all devices.

We live in a mobile society and that is not changing. Your companies online presence must be a leader in your field or at some point business will start to slowly creep over to your competition.

I re-branded my web design company over a year ago and redesigned my web design company site. Knowing that the web design field is very competitive and evaluating where I want my business to stand out among my competition, I re-designed my web design company site again. I have looked at my competitors sites and marketing techniques along with they’re pricing and I can state with confidence that the Digi Dezine newly designed site dwarfs most of my competition and the major competitors in my field. Many of the large web design firms have large staffs and several employees that create giant overhead. That overhead is something I have learned to minimize. My staff is employed on a per job basis. In a competitive market, cutting overhead is part of structuring a business to be profitable and competitive.

I welcome inquiries to seek out pricing and value from my competitors. This is where some of Digi Dezine strong points are. We crush our competition on Design, Cost, Value and Organic SEO and can prove it.

Feel free to shoot us an email, call us (702) 610 3896 or fill out the quote form to obtain a free quote and let’s see if we are a fit to help your online marketing presence.

January 22, 2017
Time 9:00am

Author Don Niam

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