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Google Adwords | PPC The Fastest Way To Be Found In Search

With SEO becoming more difficult all the time to obtain organic high page rank, Google PPC “Pay Per Click” is the fastest way to become visible on the internet. A new domain is more difficult to obtain first page rankings. Your competition may have had a domain for several years which normally will rank higher just based on a domain that has been on the internet for several years. That is of course if the site is optimized well.

Why I believe Google PPC is a good marketing route to take especially for new websites

People do not search for a business on Facebook or Instagram. They may by chance find you there, but what a business wants is potential customers that are specifically searching for the industry you are in. It is the fastest most direct avenue to obtain targeted inquiries. One of the biggest mistakes I see when someone decides to run their own PPC campaign is poor ad design and too broad of search terms that may have your ad show up in searches that you do not want. Users don’t care that you are paying for their click, they just want convenience and if the ad looks like what they are looking for they will click it.

I constantly see Personal Trainer ads based out of California or another state showing up in Las Vegas. This happens because they did not target the area specific to where they are located. In an industry like personal training, the ads need to be no more than 7 miles from the location of the gym. People may click on your ad and find out that you are located 15 miles from them and you just paid for a useless click. This happens in all industries when people in business try to run their own PPC campaign and are busy working there business and not well versed in campaign management or have the time to learn.

I see similar situations with Facebook and Instagram. If you are running ads for the web design business and many web designers are seeing your ad due to the interest of the web designers profile, all you all get is web designers clicking on your ad and running up your bill just to see how their competition is running ads. Each industry needs to figure out there targeted market and not waste advertising dollars on the competitors clicks.

I will hear clients tell me that they use to run PPC ads and would run up a couple thousand dollars in clicks with no inquiries. Google PPC ads need a good landing page to direct users to and need to be monitored daily. If the ads are obtaining clicks with no inquiries, the ad and campaign need to be assessed as to what may be wrong.

Companies With Large Budgets Use PPC And Organic SEO

Companies with large budgets that want to obtain as fast as possible organic page rank normally also spend advertising dollars on Google PPC. They also spend money on public reputation sites and directory listings. Along with those organic methods, many do several paid press releases which are costly and also give them a backlink to their website. Not only does that backlink improve organic SEO, but the hits to their website helps the organic page rank. It can be very costly to obtain high page rank with a new domain and new website. So why not add great content more often and be found quickly through PPC. 

Plan on writing blog articles for your website and adding original content on a regular basis to your website. We live in a highly competitive market and many startups that are undercapitalized that blow their budget trying to figure out what might work. all business will have trial and error phase, but being undercapitalized does not give much room for error.

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