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Video A Powerful Sales Tool Improve SEO

Get Your Company Message Across

A video is a powerful way to get your companies message out there. People love video and images. Just observe yourself

when you look at a long page of text with no video or images. The first thought in your head is that “I don’t want to read all that information.” If there was a short video that sends a message while being entertained you would stay on the page longer and probably see what else the website has that is interesting.

Also, many people absorb information much easier through video. I personally am one of those people. I say show me what you have!


Video Sells

Not only is a video a great sales tool, but it is also a great SEO tool. Google, Facebook, and Instagram

know people love to watch a video. As a web designer and SEO expert, I always have my clients set up a paid Vimeo account to place their videos on their company website. With Vimeo, the end of the video that just played can be customized to direct the users to a different video, link to their website or whatever. I am always amazed that web designers use Youtube for their client’s websites. At the end of a Youtube video play, thumbnails of your competition show up and are likely to take the user you worked so hard to bring to your website.

At Digi Dezine our videos are uploaded to both Vimeo and Youtube for SEO, but only Vimeo is used on the website. The only time we use Youtube on a website is if the client needs to use a product that they are a vendor of and cannot upload the video to their private Vimeo account and need that specific video.

Whiteboard Animations

We are now creating custom whiteboard animations to engage our client’s website visitors and to increase their presence on the web. In many cases, Google shows links to video during a users search term. The video here on this page is a whiteboard animation that can be created without hiring a professional video company when on a limited budget or to add to your websites professional shoot videos.

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Don Niam
Digi Dezine

Written by: Don Niam

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