Picking A WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes That Look Pretty May Lack Function

When seeking a web designer or buying a WordPress Premium theme be cautious and do your research. Some of the pretty and cool looking themes may have serious function problems.
I have seen some web designers that download the demo data from a WordPress theme and fill in the content with their own without customizing the theme to the client needs. One of the dead giveaways is when some of the font colors such as a dark grey on a black background that is not readable can mean they are to lazy to change the font color or do not know how.To the average person there may be design layouts that look pretty but serve no function for the user or engage the user for what they are seeking on a website. In many cases the demo data that is downloaded uses images that are not optimized and bog down site loading speed due to large files. The demo data is downloaded to make the website one is creating look like the demo site, but much of that demo data is just bloating your site and is not needed.I have looked at web designer display sites and client sites that have promised potential clients that they are experts at SEO. After looking at their Web Design site the pages were titled with default titles and zero SEO. I wonder how this is possible that they can find clients to purchase a Website design from this company. The answer is simple in that the consumer is uneducated as to how SEO “search engine optimization” works. This happens over and over again and probably will continue due to the fact that the cyber world is complex and to the average consumer, researching the web design world can be an overwhelming task. If you are a person who wants to save money by purchasing a WordPress theme and buying the install to make your site look like the demo site, you are in for a maintenance nightmare of your life. WordPress is not easy to design and maintain. When you see that the theme states SEO ready that just means that there are areas in some of those themes to fill in the title and descriptions. One has to know SEO and not just fill in a few blanks. A SEO plug-in is required to optimize a website properly.

Don Niam
Digi Dezine

Written by: Don Niam

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