Social Media Easy Access Allows Everyone To Self Claim Expert

Easy access to social media platforms makes it easy for anyone to claim themselves as experts. I do not consider myself the best of the best of the best In terms of Social Media marketing. I do consider myself to have common sense and an empathy for people. I am sure many in the Web Design business or the social media staff member in a company has tried several different methods of connecting with people with the end result in mind of actually doing business and creating income. Now you just shot out a tweet about a blog article that was written to teach something about what you or your company offers. Someone favorites your tweet and it has only been about 10 minutes since it was posted on your Twitter site or any one of the Social sites you have. Wow now you are excited aren’t you? Bamm another one shows up and yay! The first thing that comes to mind is, man this stuff is working already, even though you have not sold a product or service. Oh, I better follow them back they probably are interested in my product. When looking at their Twitter page they have 20k followers. They must be important with all of those followers. Looking over to the following section they are only following 200 other people or Companies. Now you start looking at the other ones that favorited you and the ratio to them following Twitter users is much lower then the following.

Okay a couple notifications of a direct message comes in stating Hi we have the best pricing available here with a link to a website. As you are reading the message a request to find them and like them on Facebook. The direct message seems to have an aggressive tone to it, because they want you to like something that is not something you would like.

September 29, 2015

Time 05:41pm

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