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At Digi Dezine we create and design websites and build brands with the first tool being WordPress.
WordPress is the most popular Content Management System that is most widely used throughout the world for web designers.
We also design Logos to help create brands and depending on the site build out we sometimes include them for free.
Why do we include them for free? We want the website to look complete with a Logo design that fits the brand. Also due to the fact that all of our sites our retina ready and sometimes require logos for light backgrounds and dark backgrounds if our clients do not have them available and in many cases it is much more affordable to let us rebuild the logo if it is not embedded in your brand. 

As a design agency image quality and optimization is essential and a number of different software programs for photo editing and image optimizing are used.

Digi Dezine uses only the highest quality Premium WordPress themes that have been tried and tested for all the various phases of web design and function.

price tag image with logo of Digi Dezine web design agency in Las Vegas

We strive to create unique  eye-catching, traffic generating web designs for our clients based on their industry and goals.
We deliver results in a mobile world.

Commitment to clients

We still believe in client service and educating clients in the process. Our phone or cyber communication is always ready to serve. Working overtime anytime to meet a deadline.

Site Development

Every site is designed to render on all the various devices and made easy to navigate. Design the site to allow a user to find what they are looking for painless and refreshing.

The Process of Creation
We are very organized in our process and do not just randomly build WordPress websites for our clients.


We do not just research our clients industry during the design process, that process continues as we continue to SEO the website.


During the planning of a project we do not get married to one or two ideas. Marketing is constantly changing and our clients are not left behind.


Digi Dezine is a leader in creativity and our work along with or clients satisfaction is proof. Surf our competitors and compare our work.


The production process is tedious and demands cretive focus constantly to produce a great website and not just a mediocre one.

Why us
Think. Act. Deliver.

The process of creating a professional website requires skill and knowledge of the process with real results from past performance. The people that state “I had a website but it never worked” are the clients that are most satisfied with a professional website. We love to educate our clients because we care about what we do and what their business gains from our work.

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