SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an integral component in designing a website. SEO actually contains certain elements as part of the web design, Digi Dezine takes all of the elements and not just the cosmetic look and integrates SEO . SEO (search engine optimization) is technique based and is probably one of the most disregarded elements that many sites are left without. Creating a website that is not search engine optimized is like building a home to live in and not putting up the drywall for the interior. That sounds pretty far off to most reading this, but if you are a true web design agency, SEO goes hand in hand when creating a website and building a brand.

Why do many companies design a site without being SEO friendly (optimized)?

Some agencies are big in staff and have financially well capitalized clients. Those agencies do not even focus on SEO due to the fact that they are going to set the client up with Google Adwords then double what Google charges and not have to do the hours of work involved in optimizing the website. That’s great if you have loads of money, but a SEO optimized site will also show up on the search engine in areas that a paid Google ad account will not and not everyone likes to pick the ads. Many of these same companies have a room full of graphic artists that do not know Organic SEO.

Organic SEO is also not instant and takes time to mature. The results do not show up instantly and can take several months and up to a year depending on the competition of the industry.


SEO is a technique and formula that requires tedious work and skill that needs to be evaluated on a regular basis throughout maintaining a site. Organic SEO involves techniques and Google guidelines is not something that remains the same month after month or year after year. A company that specializes in search engine optimization is studying the latest techniques and changes that Google decides they want or think they want that month. Google changes its policy randomly and at will. Some SEO techniques that were once a guideline can later penalize a website. This is why it is very important to keep educated in this field.

Page One of Google

There are only so many spots on page one and a number of them depending on the industry can take up half the page with paid ads through Google and the rest are ranked through Organic search engine optimization. Once on page one of Google for certain search phrases does not mean you are there forever. If a few companies have been attacking every option through Organic SEO and their rankings are rising to page one, that means someone else is going to get bumped off.

Is Brand Important For SEO

Brand is definitely an important factor of SEO. A company logo that makes a statement, the company name, a tag line that says who you are as a symbol of quality. Just posting links and trying to use generic phrases about what you do along with the city you are in does nothing for your brand because you have not associated your name and image to it. The brand needs to in people faces all the time and what is printed or states in a video should represent value and be interesting and informative. Those great ingredients are why people want to see what you have to say on social media, in your website, through a blog page or wherever the brand can is making themselves visible or on any platform that enhances their presence.


This Doesn’t Sound Like SEO

Digi Dezine is a Creative Digital Agency and search engine optimization is infused in Online Marketing. A company brand that is located in hundreds or thousands of online venues that are relevant to their industry is going to be visible to more potential buyers. When people refer to their website as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I know they are behind the starting line in marketing and are not going to do much business and if they are an old established small business, there lack of a website will start to take it’s toll and fall behind the competition. A company must have a well designed modern website that they are in 100% control of and not the same social platform that the person who spends most of their time posting what they ate that day. The purpose of social media is to be more visible easily to everyone that has a social media account. From that social media platform the company needs to make it’s statement quickly and have something to say or watch that grabs people interest. That interest is to direct them to the company website where they can say all that they want and at the end of the day turn viewers into buyers. One of the big mistakes I have seen in design and marketing are websites that focus on taking a user away from their website to a social media platform to gain a new friend, maybe. Social media is fast and as soon as a user is taken away from the site they are exposed to other distractions that may prevent them from coming back. A high traffic website with new and returning users improves page rank.

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At Digi Dezine Google’s SEO guidelines has helped small boutique agencies like us who have created a niche in Organic SEO.