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Web Design Agency Takes Pride In Each Clients Success

Boutique Web Design Agency

Digi Dezine prides itself in being a boutique web design agency that pays special attention to the success of each and every client. Our mission is to pay special attention to the unique designs we create for each clients specific industry that makes their website and online marketing campaign a success. Our modern state of the art websites stand out among their competitors and give them the “WOW” experience.

Creating a website for a specific industry takes an artistic eye and requires an understanding of the specific industry and the competitors marketing and website design. We do not just piece a website together. Digi Dezine looks at the clients industry from a consumers standpoint to understand what the consumer is seeking when first opening the page of our clients website. In a competitive market where everyone is fighting for the next piece of business, a boring non user friendly website will surely fail.

If possible and the client has not yet picked a domain name we will assist in choosing the domain name. Our success in utilizing SEO through a domain name has been successful. We educate our clients as to why we do what we do in the choosing of a domain name to the structure of the website along with what images are best utilized and how important video is.

Designing a website with no SEO is like priming a car and not painting it. Organic SEO “search engine optimization” is what we at Digi Dezine are experts at with a proven track record.

We are specific to WordPress and use only the best high quality well coded themes that are search engine friendly with our expertise and plugins for creating the best SEO possible for our clients websites.

We create magnificent websites for all of our clients and work within budgets from small to large, but do not waste clients money. We treat their online presence as we treat our own companies presence. If the website is far out of a clients budget and are stretching their start up costs then the possibility of failure is greater. We want all of our clients to be successful and understand the value of their online presence.

Many years ago when the phone book was the main focus of advertising for a company the costs relative to an online presence was much higher with much less exposure. This is something the younger generation of entrepreneur’s have never been faced with and do not understand unless they are tech savvy. 

A start up cannot expect to create a successful business with a “Do It Yourself” website with a budget of $150.00 and expect to gross $200,000.00 per year. Many think they will just use social media and post links back to their website and the business will roll in. You will starve with that strategy. Social media is an avenue for marketing and bringing potential clients to your website which should dazzle them. Social media is a necessary presence, but do not expect business to roll in through social media alone and without advertising on social media. Most companies that are successful with a social media campaign are utilizing successful social media advertising campaigns.

To find out more about how Digi Dezine can help you with your companies online presence and strategy please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 702.610.3896 and ask for Don.

We suggest that you contact us through our basic inquiry form to give us a better understanding of what you now have and what you are seeking. Click here for QUOTE FORM.

May 13, 2017

Time 7.28pm


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