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Using Facebook And Other Social Media To Advertise Your Business Without Paid Advertising

Everyone wants to use facebook and other social media platforms to advertise their business. There is a big problem with this. Social media free advertising methods start looking like you are spamming your wall with the same attempt at creating a free ad is probably not getting many likes and after a while you may lose followers. If after several attempts you should realize that you are not gaining new clients due to the fact that continuous promotion of your business is not of value to a friend or a user.

Here are some of the common mistakes made by people On Social Media:

• Social media is about sharing quality content that people want to read or see. People want free information. They don’t care about your repeated ad. They want value for themselves personally. If value is not offered, such as free information, tips and techniques for whatever it is you offer at your business, you are of no value to them,

• Remember that you are reaching only your friends over and over and that audience will be exhausted quickly.

• You want likes, then you better reciprocate. Sorry but unless you have a large fan base as a public figure others will stop liking your posts if you are not reciprocating.

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• Many business share stories from other websites which is useless for your business. Your business needs a quality website to direct them to, rather than promoting someone else website. You are also helping other websites rankings by directing them their in place of your own website. Share great article, images and videos from your website and they will be back to hear what you have new to offer. This is a way of building trust.

Stop Directing People To A Terrible Website

• Directing them to a poor company website will do you more harm than good. Your website is the first thing a user has to evaluate the quality of your business. If your website is outdated, not secured with a ssl certificate and does not render well on desktop or mobile you can kiss that user goodbye. What you are saying is that the most important factor in promoting the quality of your business and displaying what you do is not important because we know we are good. Well, I can assure you in the eyes of the potential client, you just turned them off and on to a professional website which is your competitor. Isn’t it ashamed all those posts to bring a user to your website and they show up only to see a poor representation of your business.

Stop Creating Lengthy Text Posts That No One Will Read

• I see Facebook posts for non paid and paid ads that are almost a chapter in a book long. If you have not figured it out yet, no one wants to read all that content on their wall. Write a blog article with helpful, informative content with a great title that will have the user click on the link to your blog article or page on your website. If the article offers value, the reader will be back for your next article. You will continue to build trust in the audience and when they are ready to try your product or service out, they will reach out to you and not your competitor. They will feel like they know you and understand your background and your company will already have a history with that potential client.

You Are Probably Not Reaching Many Viewers

• Don’t forget that social media platforms sell ads and their algorithms will not show your free ad to many people. Run paid ads correctly and they will reach the audience you want. Once agin direct them to a quality landing page to sign up, have ability to pay for an introductory offer, but please do not direct them to a horrible website.

Try Targeted Ads

• In my humble opinion along with tested results the fastest way to grow your business is with a great website with a well planned Google Adwords campaign that does not waste money. Most all website inquiries come from clicking a business website from a Google search, not people just scrolling through social media.

I like to keep my articles short and informative to help business adjust their thinking if their campaigns are not generating the results they want.

If you are interested in Digi Dezine helping you with your business promotion it starts with a great, stunning website. The rest is how to utilize that website and stop spinning your wheels.

Feel free to contact us VIA EMAIL or phone direct at 702.610.3896.

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