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Some Helpful Tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is constantly changing and is a question asked by many who own a website and are constantly trying to figure out what the secret is.

For those who do not know what SEO means it is short for Search Engine Optimization. The title of your page must relate strongly to the subject of the content on you websites page. The description must also be relative to the content on your page. Use only a few keywords or keyword phrases. All images must have dimensions and use titles, descriptions and alt tags which tells what the image is.

If you are seeking organic SEO, do not expect immediate results. Sites which have had domains for several years rank fairly well with basic SEO practices. So if you just registered a new domain and published your site, you are the new kid on the block and competition everywhere is pretty stiff. If your industry is not competitive and your site is optimized well for the search engines, you stand a good chance of being ranked well.

Formula’s For Website Optimization

Basic formulas for page rank are quality content related to a companies industry. Original content written by someone in that particular industry is important. Experience in your industry will allow a company representative to write better content than a web design firm. Many companies outsource content writing and that outsourcing could be in India. What you do not want to do is have a company gathering information from competitors websites and using their content. Writing content that explains what the strong points are for a company product or service is best written by a company representative who knows the industry inside and out.

The web design, SEO firm and digital marketing company can properly tweak the content to be read by the search engines in a formula that follows Google best practices.

A site needs images that are optimized and video to greatly enhance SEO. The images and video’s require optimization also. Video is the strongest and fastest method for placing information to the user to sell a product or service.

Professional videos and original images taken by a professional photographer are best for display and crushing the competitions mobile phone images. There are many factors that come into play to grab the user and keep them on your website.

Staying On Top Of Latest SEO Strategies

Digi Dezine is in the business of web design and search engine optimization and we work very hard to stay on top of the latest in website design and SEO. I do not recommend building your own website unless you have a lot of time to dedicate to learning the art of Digital Marketing. The internet is pretty much the number one tool for promoting a companies business. If you are a small business trying to compete with the big players that have large budgets, it is necessary to separate your company in some way that is appealing to the consumer. At Digi Dezine we compete in a huge industry of large web design companies. Those large companies also have large overhead and a fairly big staff. That does not equate to bigger is better in the web design and online marketing business.

Here at Digi Dezine we take pride in being a boutique agency that treats all of our clients with fast service and do not roll out websites like a factory. In many cases large agencies do not want to even look at a website that costs $2,500.00. When dealing with a boutique agency like us, your business small or large is treated as a company with a smaller budget than the big players in any given industry. We want all of our clients to have a successful online presence.

SEO is a major factor in our site designs and we understand the struggle of small business competing in online marketing. Much of the tedious work that goes into SEO is in many cases neglected by some of the large web design firms due to the fact that it is time consuming and requires a formula for that given industry. In many cases a large agency that has a large client base of well funded companies with Google and Bing advertising budgets does not feel the need to optimize a website for organic SEO. When running ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platform, visibility is based on budget and not website search engine optimization.

If You Are A Novice At Web Design and SEO It Is A Never Ending Learning Curve

It is very difficult for a novice to successfully design and optimize a website and keep the user engaged. In such a competitive market for almost any industry, trial and error can cost more than starting out of the gate with the right ingredients. Of course being in the business of online marketing we do not recommend do it yourself websites. Many non educated individuals are drawn into the platforms that are cheap and seem to be easy enough to do it yourself. I have redesigned enough sites from clients who tried the route of an inexpensive drag and drop do it yourself website. Some of the reasons people become frustrated with their do it yourself website creation are: No traffic, little to no inquiries, broken websites with no support or support from another country and the easy do it yourself website now becomes a night mare and a total waste of company expense. We are firm believers that you do get what you pay for.

Hopefully this blog article will give you an idea of how to optimize your website and at the least educate the reader enough to make decisions about moving forward with what they have in a present website or what to do about creating one.

Digi Dezine is an affordable Web Design and SEO Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada and we respond to email inquiries and phone inquiries within a few hours of contacting us. Please feel free to contact us through our basic web Quote Form or call us directly at 702.610.3896. If we are not able to answer immediately, please leave a short message stating you inquiry and we promise to respond ASAP!

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