What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies

What sets Digi Dezine apart from their competition? We are a boutique web design and online marketing agency that does not make false promises and responds quickly to our client’s needs. A company website is the foundation of a business online presence. Social media is a platform to market a companies business, but the brochure to the world is the company’s website. First impressions of a business can be the success or failure to a new potential client and a stunning website that quickly grabs a new users attention and holds them by offering what the user is looking for is part of the design process.

The Right Look And Feel

We believe just the right amount of flare on a website is important for first impressions and function along with ease of navigation are key factors in the website design process. At Digi Dezine we work closely with our clients to completely understand the nature of their business. A complete understanding of a clients business makes the creation process work to complete a web design that is informing and tells the potential client what your business is about. The home page of a website should have a variety of the companies services to say what they do and makes it easy for the user to find what they are looking for. People have very little patience and tend to bounce to the next website offering the same service. One of our goals is to avoid that bounce rate.

We Provide Fast Response Time

Our clients that have worked with other agencies in the past rave about our fast service and response time to their needs. This fast service is something we are proud of and is part of our niche as a boutique agency. We are not the biggest agency and never will be. We want to keep control of everything we do and keep our service fast and reliable. We understand the importance of every one of our client’s website and take pride in what we do.

Our Google 5 star Reviews are from very satisfied clients that were happy they found us due to the last company rarely responding or lacking the interest in their concerns. We do not operate like that and our reviews are proof of it.

Onsite SEO The Truth

We are often asked to perform SEO on some companies present website and usually, we do not take this on based on the poor design of their present website. Onsite SEO is part of the design and layout of content. Even if a site has a good page rank, but has poor design, the user will probably move on to the next website. We prefer not to set ourselves up for failure knowing the process of design and SEO. There is such a huge misunderstanding in organic SEO that many businesses think if you just pay a company for SEO services they will shoot to the top of the ranking on Google. Those days of black hat SEO are gone and will only penalize a websites page rank. There is a reason Google Adwords is not cheap and they have structured the search engine that way. Let’s face it, Google is our friend and following their protocol is the route to take.

If you would like to know more about what Digi Dezine can do for your company website please do not hesitate to phone 702.610.3896 or contact us through our Quote Form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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